Castlevania Marathon

To celebrate the spooky month, we we will hold a big Castlevania Series Marathon from October 19-21st. RGLtv will be holding a celebration of horror October 19-21st, starting with a One Night Only Tournament of Castlevania for the NES! Sign up for the ONOT here:

If you’d like to play a game in our series marathon, please click the link below! The marathon will be held after the tournament and hours may vary depending on submissions.

Sign up here


The following Submissions have been made:


SomeoneRodeo of BloodVirtual BoyBeat the Any%

Retrothon 2018

Come and join us in our weeklong celebration of all things Retro speedrunning!

From the Atari to the Dreamcast, if you can speedrun it, we want to see it! Show off your game and cheer on your friends in the Retro community – April 22nd through April 29th.

Submissions are open until March 17th. Sign up here